Portrait by Maggie Parone, age 13

Introduction to Watercolor Painting

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Sneakers by Ariella B.
• Twelve two-hour classes with instruction and demonstrations
• All high quality materials are provided.
THIS WINTER we started a new class, and we’re continuing it into the spring. This has been requested many times over the years. Since we’ve recently expanded our studio space—resulting in more blocks of teaching time—we can finally fit it in!

Introduction to Watercolor Painting is a beginner to intermediate level painting class. This is NOT to say it’s appropriate for beginner artists however. Students with an intermediate level drawing ability are ideal candidates for this class because we will not be able to provide drawing instruction. Since many artists prefer to have a simple drawing in place when starting a painting, students must have basic drawing skills in place already.

Students will learn about watercolor paint and materials, and variety of techniques.

Because watercolor is a medium that typically does not use white paint (leaving the white of the paper to show through instead) planning is needed and will be emphasized through all aspects of the projects.

If you’ve always wanted to try watercolor this is the perfect class to learn the foundation skills or take what you already know to a higher level.

Call 978-266-1600 for more information, or register online today!
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We’re building our summer schedule right now. This summer we plan to offer some great, fun new programs as weekly workshops. Plus we’ll hold all of our regular drawing classes as well.

Check back in a couple of weeks for the full details!
This year's Student Art Show was remarkable as always. We had more than 200 works of art from students five years to adults. The weather was perfect, the artwork amazing and the snacks tasty!
1. Featured artist - Tanya Dimitrov
2. Advanced Studio artwork
3. Oil Painting & Mixed Media
4. Oil Painting & Mixed Media
5. Lobby gallery area
6. Portrait wall
7. Manga/Chibi projects
8. Face Painting too!
Check out our short video taken during classes recently. It's great to hear kids talk about why they like drawing at ActonArt!


"THERE ARE PLENTY OF CLASSES and programs out there for kids. Among them all, ActonArt stands out. Nothing is dummied down. The instructors treat the students with respect while nurturing their drawing skills. Tracy truly cares about the well-being of my sons. She is in every respect, what I value in a great teacher."
Noelle K., Groton parent 2010
CHECK OUT our Featured Student Artists page to see some of the remarkable artwork students have produced. What's really impressive is seeing the transition they've made from young students to sophisticated artists.