Portrait by N. Rawle, age 14

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    Our Student Art Show!

    OUR YEARLY STUDENT SHOW was held on Sunday, June 12 at our ActonArt Drawing School studios. Approximately 175 students took part in this remarkable display of artistic skills. Because of the large quantity of art displayed it’s not practical to put every piece on this web site. So we are compiling an assortment that will represent a variety of students work. Check back soon and we’ll have a gallery to impress you!
  • Summer Classes & Workshops!

    Our Summer 2016 schedule is now available on this site. Visit our Summer Schedule page to see our complete listing of classes and workshops for ages 5 to adults!
Scholastic Awards logo artwork

Sayoni Barari — Honorable Mention
Olivia Casello — Honorable Mention
Téa Cuggino — Honorable Mention
Carly Faber — Honorable Mention
Jacob Felix-Rodriguez — Honorable Mention
Julia Friend — Gold, Honorable Mention
Holly Liang — Silver
Emily Liu — Silver, Honorable Mention (2)
Alexa Lynch — Honorable Mention
Sophie Morse — Gold, Silver (3)
Maggie Parone — Gold (3), Silver, Honorable Mention (2)
Nadia Rawle — Gold, Silver, Honorable Mention (2)
Emily Ren — Silver, Honorable Mention
Katherine Silva — Honorable Mention
Erin Smith — Honorable Mention
Emma Stover — Honorable Mention

A sampling of the award winning artwork by these young artists.

  • Emily Liu - Street Scene - Silver award
  • Sayoni Barari - Emilia Flores charcoal drawing- Honorable Mention
  • Olivia Casello - Converse Comfort oil painting- Honorable Mention
  • Honorable Mention — Lena Horne by Jacob Felix-Rodriguez
  • Honorable Mention — Emily Liu-The Coast- oil paint
  • Honorable Mention — Charcoal drawing of Kickboxer by Alexa Lynch
  • The Coat - acrylic painting by Maggie Parone—Gold Key
  • Bee - acrylic paint and colored pencil by Emily Ren—Silver Key
  • Alex - charcoal drawing of young male by Katherine Silva—Honorable Mention
  • Girl in lace - Graphite drawing by Emma Stover—Honorable Mention
  • Parrot - colored pencil by Emily Ren—Honorable Mention
Giant octopus tea stained drawing
by K. Debell
Creative Drawing
Thursday 4-5:30 PM
Jackie Musto

Once students have developed the skills to express themselves through drawing and representational art, this class is designed to open the door to their creativity. Looking for the freedom to let your imagination take you to new heights? This is your class!
Cartooning poster for ActonArt drawing class
by C. Parent
Cartoon Drawing— Characters & Style
Friday 6-7:30 PM
Chris Parent

Anyone who likes Cartooning will love this class. We’ll be focusing on creating and developing characters, and learning how to draw them with features, expressions and style that gives them personality and helps bring them to life.
Student copy of John Singer Sargent painting
by C. Liang
Oil Painting 2
Monday 6-8:30 PM
Julie Ripley

This class takes Oil Painting to the next level. It’s a follow-up to our introduction class, Oil Painting 1. Learning basic skills is part one of becoming a painter. This class will focus on refining techniques and taking your painting to a higher level of sophistication.
Mallard painting submitted to National Duck Stamp Competition
by C. Schaeffer
Introduction to Painting
Saturday 12-2:00 PM
Julie Ripley

Painting is the goal of many artists. This class is intended to introduce students to the three most common forms of painting. Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Painting each have unique characteristics AND similarities that make working with them fun and challenging. If you’re interested in painting, this class will give you a rich and comprehensive experience at an exceptional value.
Before you spend the time to register for a class check to see if the class has openings. Visit our class schedule page and you can see the status of each class. Classes are marked as: Open, 2 Open, 1 Open or FULL.
table graphic

Introduction to Painting

Watercolor, Acrylic and Oil Painting instruction
Summer oil painting class
Summer Oil Painting workshop
• Twelve two-hour classes with instruction and demonstrations (24 hours of instruction and painting time)
• All high quality materials are provided.
• FOR AGES 13 TO ADULT — basic drawing skills are required
$392 (includes $30 material fee)
THIS Fall we’re offering a new class, and we’re continuing it into the spring. This has been requested many times over the years. Since we’ve recently expanded our studio space—resulting in more blocks of teaching time—we can finally fit it in!

Introduction to Painting is a beginner to intermediate level painting class. This is NOT to say it’s appropriate for beginner artists however. Students with an intermediate level drawing ability are ideal candidates for this class because we will not be able to provide drawing instruction. Since many artists prefer to have a simple drawing in place when starting a painting, students must have basic drawing skills in place already.

Students will learn about watercolor, acrylic and oil paint and materials, and variety of techniques.

Because each medium is distinctly different in the way it is used, technique is extremely important, and that’s what we’ll be teaching.

If you’ve always wanted to try painting this is the perfect class to learn the foundation skills of these various mediums — or to take what you already know to a higher level.

Call 978-266-1600 for more information, or register online today!
Check out our short video taken during classes recently. It's great to hear kids talk about why they like drawing at ActonArt!


"THERE ARE PLENTY OF CLASSES and programs out there for kids. Among them all, ActonArt stands out. Nothing is dummied down. The instructors treat the students with respect while nurturing their drawing skills. Tracy truly cares about the well-being of my sons. She is in every respect, what I value in a great teacher."
Noelle K., Groton parent 2010
CHECK OUT our Featured Student Artists page to see some of the remarkable artwork students have produced. What's really impressive is seeing the transition they've made from young students to sophisticated artists.