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• Summer programs begin Monday, June 30, end Thursday, August 7.
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Learn about our two different summer programs—weekly classes and four-day workshops.
Peek in on classes, and listen to some of our students talk about what they like!
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Spring 2014!

In addition to our regular line up of classes this Spring, we have FOUR completely new classes.
First, we've added FASHION DRAWING to our weekly schedule. The feedback we've received so far indicates that this class is going to be popular!
This six minute video is an example of our fantastic fantasy class!
Plus we're introducing FANTASY DRAWING which is a natural evolution for Manga students or anyone who wants to move into a new area. Fantasy is very open ended and allows artists great freedom to experiment with new characters and ideas. If you have a Manga fan in your house be sure to check this out.

INTRO TO SCULPTING is also new. This is our first foray into 3D art and is designed to develop an understanding of working in three dimensions. Sculpting requires a very different thought process and the technical aspects and tools are typically unfamiliar. If your student is attracted to working with objects more than flat images this is an excellent program to begin learning core skills and techniques.

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Kinder Drawing for Pre-K is a new class created specifically for very young children (4.5 to 5.5 years) who want to draw. Each week we'll be reading a new story book and using it as the focal point to present a drawing project made specially for this class. The class will be 45 minutes long which seems just about right for a story and drawing together. The class will run for 8 weeks during the trimester.

Also we've started a new class called Introductory Drawing for TEENS, which is designed specifically for NEW teenage students who want to learn core drawing skills. This population is age sensitive and this class addresses that issue by grouping older students together. It will parallel the Intermediate A class curriculum and present a complete drawing program.

Summer 2014 at ActonArt!
Our web site is now updated with our complete Summer drawing class and workshop schedule. Summer registration is now open so you can sign up for classes today.

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Kids in Studioworks workshop hold up their creations

Arielle, Arcadia, Maggie and Saiesha display the plaster/balloon animals they created during one of last summer's Artschool Workshops.
Paper Cutting & Fashion Drawing!
The samples below represent projects presented during last summers Artschool Workshops. Fashion Drawing proved to be so popular we've added it to our regular weekly drawing class schedule!

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18" tall Cut paper Owl
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8" Hummingbird
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Hummingbird & flower
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See, I observed Escher. I love Basquiat. I watched Keith Haring. You see, I study art. The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint. The greats were great cause they paint a lot!


"THERE ARE PLENTY OF CLASSES and programs out there for kids. Among them all, ActonArt stands out. Nothing is dummied down. The instructors treat the students with respect while nurturing their drawing skills. Tracy truly cares about the well-being of my sons. She is in every respect, what I value in a great teacher."
Noelle K., Groton parent 2010

Featured Student Artists
CHECK OUT our Featured Student Artists page to see some of the remarkable artwork students have produced. What's really impressive is seeing the transition they've made from young students to sophisticated artists.