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Manga, Comics, Cartoons & Chibi - Fall

Manga, Comic and Cartoon classes present foundation core skills concepts but integrates them into each of those styles of drawing. In this way students still learn foundation material, but via subject matter they prefer to draw. You can learn about each class in the descriptions below and read more about our approach to teaching students of all ages here.

• TWELVE CLASSES per Trimester

• Begins Wednesday, September 6th —Ends - Saturday, December 2nd

• All classes are IN-STUDIO unless marked otherwise

• Many classes are available IN-STUDIO or as SIMULTANEOUS (in-studio or online) classes

manga girl #1

• Ages 10 & up


This class teaches the popular drawing style known as Manga or Anime. Artwork like this can be seen in many forms, from the comic books “Manga” to the television shows “Anime” and many other products like toys and games. Though this artwork has a very broad appeal, and is cartooned it is also quite challenging to master. Throughout this class students will learn the fundamentals of how to draw Anime and Manga. We will go through how to draw everything from eyes, faces and hands, to full action poses and cute chibi characters. Students are encouraged to draw their own characters throughout the class, and will be shown how to make exciting images with them in it. Although this is class is designed as a base level it is recommended that most students start here, as there is a lot of valuable information in the class.

All Manga classes will use high quality markers and various papers (bristol board, marker paper, etc.) which are included in the tuition. (Not included with online classes)
manga perspective drawing

• Ages 11 & up
• requires 3-4 trimesters of Manga 1 previously or submission of portfolio artwork for review prior to admission


Serving as an in-between from Manga-1 and Manga-2 this class offers students more time and more in depth instructions on fundamental Manga skills. Since students in this class are expected to have taken the Manga-1 class previously, this class expands upon that information. Projects in this class are the same as the previous class, but new information and more complex ideas are introduced. In addition to more complex ideas students have more time to work, giving them valuable experience with difficult skills like inking and coloring. This is the perfect class for anyone who needs more time and more challenge than the standard Manga class.
manga girl #2

• Ages 12 & up
• requires Manga 1x previously or submission of portfolio artwork for review prior to admission


As a high level Manga class Manga-2 is designed to flex your drawing muscles. Students in this class are expected to have a good understanding of all the basic skills of Manga, and be relatively proficient with the techniques. With those skills as a backing projects in this class are more independently focused, allowing students to work on their own problem areas. There is a push in this class to define a personal style, as well as hone and polish the skills that students already have. After taking the Manga-2 class students should be very well equipped to draw just about any picture they can imagine, in an art style they can call their own.
manga character

  • FRIDAY: 4:30-5:30pm SIMULTANEOUS
  • SATURDAY: 10:30-11:30am SIMULTANEOUS

• Ages 8 & up


CARTOONING & CHIBI DRAWING is a combination class of both western style cartooning and eastern style Chibi manga—what we recognize as Pokemon-type characters that are cute, grotesque, or even bizarre representations of people, animals, and even supernatural creatures. This kind of drawing is favored by kids in the 6 to 12 year old range, but a majority of Chibi fans are 8 to 10 years old. Our Cartooning/Chibi class will focus on synthesizing both types of characters and developing core drawing skills that apply to all kinds of drawing, both cartoon abstract and realistic-representational.
comic illustration

• Ages 12 & up


Is your brain buzzing with characters and ideas? Do you have a story you're just dying to create? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to tell an understandable story, pace your panels and capture your readers! The Creating Comics class will cover basic storytelling structure as well as character development and implementation. Students will create several short comic strips, single page comics and an 8-page zine they can swap, share and recreate!

Please note: this class is going to focus on far more than simply drawing characters! This is a full fledged comic creation class. Drawing characters while always important will be only a part of each weekly class. Younger students in particular may be more interested in character drawing than this class is designed for. Please check out Cartooning and Chibi for younger kids who just want to draw cartoon characters.
  • DD&D-1 SATURDAY: 12:30-3:30pm IN-STUDIO
  • DD&D-2 SATURDAY: 12:30-3:30pm IN-STUDIO

• 3 hour class, split into drawing and game play sections
• Ages 12 & up
• Advanced class, for participants with prior game knowledge/experience (not appropriate for beginners)


Roleplaying games have long been an imaginative outlet for the mind and for the artistic spirit! This class delves into both sides of this creative activity by allowing students to both play the game of Dungeons & Dragons guided by storyteller Chris, then drawing their characters and play-experiences with art guildmaster Jackie! Employing problem solving, collaboration and clever wits, students generate ideas that they then bring into the arts side of the class to draw their characters, equipment, monsters and more. Each session divides the group into game-time and drawing time, so they will get to experience both aspects each week. Class involves use of the online resource D&D Beyond (free to use); and it is recommended but not required that they have a device to access D&D Beyond during class (phone, tablet, etc). Previous drawing experience is encouraged but not required. Materials used include pencils, markers and colored pencils.

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