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My daughter has been taking classes at Acton Art for three years. Her knowledge and skills have increased tremendously over that time. The teachers at Acton Art are outstanding. The program has an excellent balance between skill development and individual creativity. The supplies provided are high-quality, varied and abundant. The annual Student Art Show is an event highly anticipated by students and families alike. If my daughter had to start giving up activities, Acton Art would surely be the last to go.
Julie C., Waltham, MA

• Beginners Drawing — ages 5 to 6.5 (5.5 recommended)
• Basic A Drawing — ages 6.5 to 7.5
• Basic B Drawing — ages 7.5 through 9
• Basic Drawing for Home School — ages 6.5 to 9 (not currently on schedule)
• Intermediate A Drawing — ages 9 to teen and adult
• Drawing for Teens — ages 13 & up
• Intermediate Drawing for Home School — ages 9 to Adult
• Intermediate B Drawing — ages 13 to adult
• Portrait Drawing — ages 12 and up

• Manga Drawing 1 — ages 10 and up
• Manga 1X (Experienced) — ages 11 and up
• Manga Drawing 2 — ages 11 and up
• Advanced Manga Drawing — by invitation (not currently on schedule)
• Cartoon & Chibi Drawing — ages 8 and up

• Creating Comics — ages 12 and up
• Creative Drawing — ages 12 and up
• 3D Art & Sculpting — ages 12 and up
• Ink & Scratchboard Drawing — ages 12 and up
• Drawing for Beginner Adults (via Comm. Ed) (not currently on schedule)
• Drawing and Painting for Adults
• Drawing for Teens — ages 13 & up

• Advanced Drawing & Painting (by invitation only)
• Portfolio Development — ages 15 and up
• Charcoal Drawing & Pastel Painting— ages 12 and up
• Faces, Figures, & Features — ages 14 to adult
• Mixed Media & Painting — ages 13 and up
• Oil Painting 1 (Intro to Oil Painting) — ages 14 and up
• Oil Painting 2 — ages 14 and up
• Introduction to Painting — ages 13 and up

Foundation Classes

Our once per week classes at ActonArt are presented along a guided or semi-guided demonstration model where instructors lead students through logical thinking processes and actual drawing sequences. Students work on their own artwork independently and follow the "process" as presented by the instructor. Using this instructional technique students are able to see the drawing being built as a demonstration in front of them, yet also work independently by interpreting and following the verbal and visual instructions. Most of the learning takes place as a result of the hands-on execution by each student who attempts to model their artwork after the instructor's drawing. Instructors demonstrate how to resolve problems and move through routine issues that every artist faces during projects.

Projects are designed for each age/ability level. We try very hard to create projects that are interesting to children. Frequently we present background information on the subject matter to give students more information with the goal of engaging them even more. Students who are curious or engaged by a subject are much more likely to stay focused and pay close attention to the instructor. Typically Beginners and Basic Drawing classes feature a new project, and new subject matter each week. Intermediate level classes do have multi-week projects but the majority are single week as well.

Every project is created with a specific learning objective which varies according to the class level and student ages. Some projects may be identical regarding the subject matter but the learning objectives may be different depending upon age level. The learning objectives are age-appropriate and provide enough flexibility that students who fall above or below the average skill-set can still learn and benefit.

ActonArt provides necessary materials and supplies for all regular drawing classes. We use very high quality supplies that are capable of producing excellent quality results. Students are expected to have respect for the materials and supplies since they are shared by many classes.

We consider the artwork completed in class to be exercises that lead students through specific learning objectives. Many students will create stunning artwork which is clearly worthy of being seen as "fine art" but we do not recommend that students represent it as original artwork outside of the studio. All artwork produced in classes belongs to the student and they make take it home at any time.

ActonArt classes are designed to provide the best possible learning experience for every student. Our standards are high and we constantly measure our performance. To create and maintain this environment we must require appropriate behavior from our students. Any activity which distracts/disrupts other students in the class (including late arrival) is unacceptable. Students will always be given reasonable opportunities to modify unacceptable behavior and remain in a class. However, if students persist with classroom disruptions we have no choice but to remove them. We understand that many children have behavioral and/or learning disabilities which may influence their classroom behavior. The ActonArt experience can greatly benefit these children, and we will always try to be as flexible as possible, however we cannot allow any class to be repeatedly disrupted. Please help us to help your children by reinforcing these classroom requirements. If you have questions or concerns please speak with us.

THE CLASSES LISTED BELOW represent an age-appropriate progression for students ranging in age from 5 to adult. Some classes can accommodate a range of ages. The curriculum for each class is designed to introduce and reinforce learning objectives that are important for developing a unified understanding of realistic representational drawing. While it is not imperative that students take the entire range of classes, it should be noted that the Intermediate A1 class level is the most comprehensive. Students who wish to acquire a basic and complete understanding of drawing concepts should take this class level. The minimum age for NEW students to join an Intermediate A1 class is 10 years.

TEENAGE STUDENTS who wish to join a class for the first time should consider Drawing for Teens. This class closely parallels the curriculum of the Intermediate A1 class but all students are teen age. It is an ideal starting class level for every new teenage student.

Beginners Drawing

Foundation - 1 HOUR

Students must be 5 years of age and able to register for Kindergarten in order to join the class during the Fall or Winter trimesters.* First time Beginner students should NOT join classes in the Spring trimester. Children who are slightly older frequently manage this class best. We recommend that Beginners take three trimesters of class before moving to the next level (Basic A). Children at this age require time and practice to retain what they learn in class. Moving Beginner students to a higher level too quickly is likely to create anxiety and frustration. Children should be comfortable and confident in their skills before moving to the Basic A level where projects move faster and students are asked to follow learning objectives more closely.

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• For ages 5 to 6.5 years (5.5 recommended) NOTE: Students MUST have a birthdate BEFORE Sept. 1st, 2012 to join a Beginner class at this time.
• See schedule for class days

THE LEARNING OBJECTIVES for Beginners include developing various drawing skills, learning how to properly use materials, and follow general studio procedures. By teaching young children how to use and control materials properly and safely they develop habits that are carried forward. Projects at this level are designed to demonstrate to children how to organize the process of drawing and improve their results. We emphasize planning, sequencing, problem solving, and staying on task. This may all sound very methodical and business-like to an adult but it's all new to young children who quickly see dramatic changes in their drawings. And, we always offer opportunities and encouragement for children to express their personal creative insights as part of their artwork. The essence of "art," regardless of the artist's age, is a result of the skills and techniques they've mastered combined with their creativity and desire to express it.

BEGINNERS CLASSES ARE SIZE LIMITED to eight students. The studio environment is managed so children learn to accept challenges, solve problems and judge their own artwork without debilitating self-criticism. We teach students that drawing requires practice and errors are normal and expected. Not all their results will be satisfying, but they will learn and improve their skills with every project. Materials used are primarily markers, pastels and watercolor paint. Many children are ready to begin drawing with this kind of focus by the age of five, however no two children are alike and it's not possible to predict how any one child will respond. We do not accept registrations for children under the age of five without verbal confirmation from the ActonArt Program Director. Please call 978-266-1600 for more information. Placement of children in the appropriate class level is subject to Director's recommendation/approval.

*Entering classes mid-year as a Beginner can be difficult for both the child and the instructors who must deal with new and experienced students simultaneously.

Basic Drawing

• For ages 6.5 to 7.5 — Basic A
• For ages 7.5 to 9 — Basic B
• See
schedule for class days

NOTE: Children under the age of 6.5 should NOT be registered in Basic drawing classes without permission from the director.

Basic Drawing introduces students to a structured drawing process which includes learning how to "see to draw," plan and follow through. The class projects are designed to guide students toward developing drawing skills while encouraging personal expression and creativity. While many of the projects are guided, each student is allowed and encouraged to work with his or her own vision and produce a unique finished piece. As in all ActonArt classes there is no critique, commentary or competition and students are asked to assess their own work. In this safe environment students learn that they can follow their instincts, explore new ideas and take chances in their work without fear of criticism. Placement of children in the appropriate class level is subject to Director's recommendation.

These classes are intended for students who are either: moving up from Beginners drawing; or 6.5 to 7.5 years old and new to drawing classes; or occasionally even older but less confident in their skills.

These classes are intended for students who are either: moving up from BASIC DRAWING LEVEL A; or 7.5 through 8.5 years old and new to ActonArt Drawing classes; or occasionally older but less confident in their skills.

Intermediate Drawing

Intermediate A1, A2 and B1
1.5 HOUR
• For ages 9 and up (see descriptions for levels and ages)
• See
schedule for class days

INTERMEDIATE drawing offers a continuing focus on visual training, planning and process. These older students seek both naturalistic realism and an opportunity for creative expression. Class projects develop visual perception and drawing skills while exposing students to a wide variety of techniques and media. Subject matter may include: animals, landscape, still life, the human form, as well as various artists and art periods. Students will be encouraged to develop their own style and creative approach. Placement of students in the appropriate class level is subject to Director's recommendation.

These classes are intended for students who are:
• 9 years old at a minimum, and moving up from BASIC DRAWING LEVEL B,
• or, 10 to 12 years old and new to drawing classes,
• or older and less confident in their skills, INCLUDING ADULTS.
• A1 Students are first year students at this level. Projects are specific and predominantly guided.
• A2 Students are second year students at this level. Projects are less specific and loosely guided. Frequently brief demonstrations replace instructor guidance and students work independently.


• STUDENTS MOVING UP FROM Basic B, or coming in as a new student without prior ActonArt experience should join an A1 class.

• STUDENTS WITH A FULL YEAR or more of experience at the Intermediate A level should join an A2 class. This assumes they can fully engage with projects and use all available class time without rushing to completion. Students who routinely finish early and state that they are "done" should not be in this class level.

Intermediate B level has been discontinued at this time. We have replaced this class with one more suited to the progressive nature of our program. The Art Year (described below) is a full year class designed specifically for students with appropriate class experience, who are interested in moving on to higher class levels including, Figure Drawing, Mixed Media, Intro to Painting, and Oil Painting. Please read the description below for more information.


• For ages 12 and up (see descriptions for levels and ages)
• See
schedule for class days

The Art Year is a three-trimester (full academic year) of sequential projects and studies designed to help students make the transition from exercise based instruction as presented in our regular foundation drawing classes to a more creativity-based, and self-determined approach to making original fine artwork.

The Art Year provides:

• A capstone year of art studies and practical application for students completing foundation classes and seeking to continue artistic development
• A gateway year for serious art students seeking higher level studies and continuing creative development
• A transition year emphasizing 3D studies, independent thinking and problem solving
• A recommended pre-requisite for any student seeking to optimize their experience in mediums classes such as painting or sculpting


The Art Year is a THREE trimester program designed as the next step for intermediate level students (A2 or higher) who have a committed interest in art and wish to continue developing their skills. It builds upon our foundation drawing classes and begins introducing a more detailed study of materials, more advanced techniques, and conceptual thinking and problem solving. Most importantly, students in this level will be guided toward artistic independence, in which they are encouraged to try new ideas, materials and processes and begin making their own original artwork. Nearly all projects will be multi-week with an emphasis on finishing the projects. Three different instructors will lead this class over the course of the year to provide the greatest range of knowledge and experience.
Fall: Jackie Musto, Winter: Chris Parent, Spring: Julie Ripley


Students who have taken Intermediate level classes should have developed a basic but comprehensive understanding of drawing process, including planning, materials, concepts, techniques, problem solving and finish. As they enter their teen years they are able to integrate a much more sophisticated vision of their artwork which also begins to involve interpretation and conceptualization. This series of classes is designed specifically to help in the development of high level skills at a time when many children are able to begin integrating all the “pieces” together. Designed to be taken after Intermediate A2, for seventh grade students or higher, The Art Year will include segments on all core technical and conceptual art skills, including but not limited to: dry drawing media, wet painting media, composition, color theory, sculpting and 3D art, art history, creative thinking, and graphic design.

Charcoal Drawing & Pastel Painting — (Fall Trimester ONLY, Sept 6 to Dec 3)

• For ages 12 and up
• Fall Trimester ONLY
• All materials provided

Charcoal Drawing, is a foundation class for students who want to develop their ability to see and represent a full range of light and shadow on paper. Charcoal is quite likely the oldest drawing medium. It provides unparalleled flexibility and the ability to work fast. Because of this studio artists frequently use charcoal studies as a starting point for developing new ideas. Managing this smudge-prone material also helps students develop “clean” habits that carry over into other mediums as well. We've included Pastel painting in this class as well since the working characteristics are so similar, however color and color theory are huge subjects that are too large for the scope of this class. While color picking and blending will be covered it will be in a fairly simple presentation.

Anyone considering an art school or arts major would benefit from working in charcoal and pastel before college! Some project artwork from this class may be useful for portfolios.

Introduction to Drawing for Teens

1.5 HOUR
• For ages 13 and up
• See
schedule for class days
• All materials provided

One of our newest classes, Intro Drawing for TEENS, is designed specifically for NEW teenage students who want to learn core drawing skills. This population is frequently age sensitive and this class addresses that issue by grouping only older students together. It will parallel the Intermediate A class curriculum and present a complete drawing program.

This is an ideal class for students who are not able to participate in art classes in school, but have a desire and aptitude for creative endeavors. No prior experience is needed. Only a positive attitude and an open mind!

Creative Drawing

1.5 HOUR
• For ages 12 and Up
• 1.5 Hour class (requires prior drawing instruction or submission of portfolio artwork for review prior to admission)

CREATIVE DRAWING is a high level class where students are expected to be able to function independently. Once students have developed the skills to express themselves through drawing and representational art, this class is designed to open the door to their creativity. Students will be asked to develop ideas, concepts and means to express them through visual art forms. We will use brainstorming exercises, discussion, and examination of reference artwork as sources of inspiration, along with anything else that works! Creative individuals are forecast to be the most in-demand individuals in the 21st century, and STEM classes don’t support this aspect of child development. Get those creative juices flowing with some creative drawing!

Ink & Scratchboard Drawing — (Spring Trimester ONLY, Mar 19 to Jun 17)

• For ages 12 and up
• SPRING Trimester ONLY
• All materials provided

Ink & Scratchboard Drawing is a dream come true for students who love to create fine details, textures and contrasts. This class will help students understand the thinking process and sequence necessary to work in a reductive mode (scratching ink off the paper to reveal the white underneath) as well as building up with ink pens and brushes. We will focus on making artwork in an illustrative style since the medium is so well suited to it.

Portrait Drawing Portrait Drawing & Style

1.5 HOUR — Portrait Drawing
2 HOUR — Portrait Style

• For ages 12 (minimum) & Up
• Monday 6 to 7:30 pm — 1.5 Hour
• All materials are included in tuition

Our Portrait Drawing class is designed for Intermediate and higher level students who have a desire to spend time focusing exclusively on drawing faces. Portraits are an engaging challenge that many people are attracted to. Students will learn how to use both predictable proportions, and specific measurements to make portraits that are very good likenesses of their subjects. Every project in this class will be a portrait drawing, including front-on, ¾ view, and profiles.

Students should have a solid working knowledge of concepts including: Line, Light and Shadow, Texture, Perspective and Proportion. Because this kind of drawing requires patience and attention to detail students should have the ability to stay on task for a full 1.5 hours.

Learning to draw accurate portraits is a skill building class. Many students will see significant improvements in their overall drawing skills as a result of a class like this. Register Online today!


• For ages 12 (minimum) & Up
• Saturday 12:30 to 2:30 pm — 2 Hour
• All materials are included in tuition

This class is intended for students who have already taken the portrait drawing class, or have enough experience with portraits that they understand how to begin experimenting with stylistic interpretation of their subjects. Our regular Portrait class (above) is a foundation class that teaches process, structure, measurement and all the “ins and outs” of drawing portraits with accuracy. This new class will encourage students to begin imposing their own style and altered techniques on their subjects.

In the first trimester we will present Portraits as illustrations. These tend to be very stylized images that look remarkably like their subjects but may create an altered persona that the artist manipulates intentionally. Think of the poster portrait of Pres. Obama that said HOPE underneath it. First trimester will be taught by Chris Parent.

The second trimester will introduce painted portraits. This will be an abbreviated painting class that will focus exclusively on painting faces. This will also be the most “realistic” portion of the class since we will focus on painting people as they actually appear. But everyone paints a bit different so each individual artist’s “style” will shine through. Third trimester will be taught by Julie Ripley.

The third and final trimester will introduce caricature and/or cartoon style portraits. These also can look remarkably like the people they represent, but not always! This is actually one of the harder styles of portrait to master for many people. Second trimester will be taught by Jackie Musto.

If you like making portraits, you’re going to love this class!

Faces, Features & Figures

1.5 HOUR
• For ages 14 and up
• Saturday, 3 PM or Wednesday, 6 PM
• All materials provided

Our PORTFOLIO class is for students who are engaged with their artwork at a more serious level. Students who feel they are likely to pursue fine art as a career or serious avocation want a more complete and hands-on learning experience. This 3-part class will offer guidance in developing skills needed for realistic/representational drawing of people. The 1st trimester will introduce the skills and techniques of drawing faces/heads. The 2nd trimester will present some of the most unique challenges including hands, feet, hair, fabric folds, body foreshortening and distortion, plus any specific features that students identify as personal challenges. The 3rd and final trimester will address complete bodies, some light anatomy and live model (clothed) figure drawing.

Part 1: Faces — 12 classes, Early Sept. to Early Dec.
Front view, 3/4 view, profile, foreshortened, highlighted, shadowed, with expressions, male, female, you name it...

Part 2: Features — 12 classes, Early Dec. to mid-March
Hands, feet, hair, fabric folds, body foreshortening and distortion, overall integration of faces, figures and features.

Part 3: Figures — 12 classes, Mid-March to late Jun.
Stick-figure, point to point, gestural, anatomy (light), bodies in motion, perspective, proportion, and more...

Why would you want this?

This class is called PORTFOLIO because some (but not all) of the work produced could potentially be used in a student's portfolio if they wished. The live model figure drawing and portraits always have the potential to be valuable assets to any portfolio whether produced in a public or private school setting. Since the class is designed to teach students as well as provide opportunities for independent drawing it could not be a more ideal situation for portfolio work.

What materials can you work with?

Most portfolio art is drawing-based since it allows reviewers to identify core-skill strengths and weaknesses quickly. As such your portfolio should demonstrate strong drawing skills. Virtually all drawing mediums are available in our studio and PORTFOLIO: students may use any and all of them. These include: Graphite, colored and pastel pencils, soft and oil pastels, charcoal stick and vine, pen/brush and ink, and more. Surfaces available include a variety of drawing papers, bristol board, vellum, tracing paper, heavy and lightweight watercolor papers. Various materials do require preparation before use. The above listed materials are basics and do not represent the complete range of materials that are available at ActonArt. In addition students who wish to work with unusual materials (such as fabrics, leather, hand made surfaces, metal foil sheets, print making materials or others) can be accommodated if advance notice is provided. An additional materials charge might be required if those costs are above the expected range.

Who is eligible?

Students in PORTFOLIO: must be a minimum age of 14.

Interested but not sure?

Students and families who are considering the PORTFOLIO: class may find a visit to the studio is helpful to decide if this will be a good fit. Please call 978-266-1600 or email for more information.

Advanced Studio Art

A portfolio level class. Ideal for Art majors.

NOTE: THIS CLASS IS NOT OPEN FOR GENERAL ENROLLMENT. It is currently an invitation only class, however anyone who can provide samples demonstrating the required skill and knowledge will be given serious consideration for placement. For more information please contact
• Thursday 6 PM

ADVANCED STUDIO DRAWING & PAINTING is a high-level, fine art class for students who have demonstrated understanding of the most complex visual perceptions and wish to further develop their skills and techniques. Emphasis will be on three dimensional subjects including tabletop sets, textural objects, lighting effects, figure-drawing models (clothed) and more. Projects in this class may take weeks to complete since students will be expected to fully develop the art. A variety of ActonArt instructors will lead this class giving students access to their individual strengths and experience with various mediums and techniques. Students will be the primary decision makers regarding the execution of their artwork. There may however be specific learning objectives presented to challenge them and direct them toward useful experiences.

Advanced Studio students will be offered the options of working with:

• Graphite (in all forms)
• Charcoal (block, powder, vine, etc.)
• Colored Pencil (professional quality, unlimited techniques)
• Soft Pastels (sticks, pencils, powder, etc.)
• Oil Pastels
• Pen or Brush & Ink

• Oils (professional quality, water-soluble
• Acrylic
• Watercolor and gouache (Winsor Newton, Cotman)
• Airbrush
• Palette knife

• Dimensional paper sculpture
• Any media combinations that work!

Advanced Studio Drawing & Painting students are expected to be able to work independently. Students should expect to use a variety of resource materials, tools and techniques including some that they may develop on their own. Projects will frequently require multiple weeks to complete.

Portfolio Development

A focused environment for portfolio building
• Thursday, 6 PM

Portfolio Development is a production-oriented class intended for high school age students who wish to expand their fine art portfolio prior to applying to higher education fine arts programs. Most public and private schools offer good and practical instruction toward producing standard portfolio materials that colleges and art schools want to see. Nonetheless most students should produce artwork that also accurately defines their personal style and interest. As colleges have modified their acceptance criteria in recent years students who can more precisely define their goals and the schools they believe will support their aspirations, have a better chance of making a favorable impression.

Why would you want this?

Portfolio Development is a class that offers students a structured time to focus on this important element of their path, to create portfolio specific artwork, with guidance and feedback, using any of the high quality professional materials in our studios. Students do not need to have attended any classes previously at ActonArt. Students will be encouraged to define their own projects and express their own style and not that of the instructor. Students will also be encouraged to be productive with their time as drawing, painting and most other art forms can be very time consuming.

What materials can you work with?

Most portfolio art is drawing-based since it allows reviewers to identify core-skill strengths and weaknesses quickly. As such your portfolio should demonstrate strong drawing skills. Virtually all drawing mediums are available in our studio and Portfolio Development students may use any and all of them. These include: Graphite, colored and pastel pencils, soft and oil pastels, charcoal stick and vine, pen/brush and ink, and more. Painting is typically a part of most portfolios, and we provide professional quality paints such as watercolor, gouache, acrylic and water soluble oils. Surfaces available include a variety of drawing papers, bristol board, heavy and lightweight watercolor papers, canvas and hardboard panels. Various materials do require preparation before use. The above listed materials are basics and do not represent the complete range of materials that are available at ActonArt. In addition students who wish to work with unusual materials (such as fabrics, leather, hand made surfaces, metal foil sheets, print making materials or others) can be accommodated if advance notice is provided. An additional materials charge might be required if those costs are above the expected range.

Who is eligible?

Students in Portfolio Development should be a minimum age of 15.

Interested but not sure?

Most students and families who are considering Portfolio Development find a visit to the studio is helpful to decide if this will be a good fit and learn more about the class details. Please call 978-266-1600 or email for more information.

Oil Painting 1 & 2

Two class levels for beginners and intermediates
2.5 HOUR
• For ages 13 to Adults
• Saturday, 3 PM
• 30 hours of instruction and studio time
• Prior drawing skills required

Oil Painting 1 - Introduction
For Teens (14 & Up) & Adults

Oil Painting 2 - Intermediate
For Teens (14 & Up) & Adults

LEARNING TO PAINT WITH OILS is far easier than you might think and incredibly satisfying. This full trimester introductory class is designed for teens and adults. The class will be presented by Julie McAskill, a superb professional oil painter and also a regular drawing instructor at ActonArt. Julie has an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and is frequently featured in galleries throughout New England. Julie is also a John Peto National Trompe L’oeil competition award winner.

WE'LL PROVIDE ALL NEEDED MATERIALS for this class so you won't have to make a large supply purchase on top of the class tuition. Students who wish to use their own supplies will be able to do so but we must require that everyone work with water-soluble paints. We cannot provide a discount for students who wish to provide their own materials since all supplies are pre-purchased well in advance of the class. The class is limited in size to eight students.

THESE CLASSES WILL PRESENT A SERIES OF PROJECTS, most of them multi-week, designed to teach and guide students through basic processes that are common to many oil paintings. Students will typically be able to choose their own subject matter but reference materials will always be available to assist them if needed.

It’s easy to see why so many people equate oil painting with “fine art.” So many of the master artists we commonly think of worked primarily in oil paint and the iconic masterworks of centuries past tend to be paintings done in oils. It doesn’t take an art conservator to understand why oils have claimed the mantle of popularity among artists. They are remarkably versatile to work with providing artists a broad range of creative options on the canvas. The pigments mix cleanly providing rich colors with clarity and depth. Once cured the medium is stable and capable of enduring many hundreds of years without severe aging effects. The surface can even be cleaned to remove airborne grime and contaminants.

On top of all these benefits, today we even use AP certified, non-toxic, Winsor & Newton water soluble oil paints that allow for easy soap and water clean-up at the end of a day of painting. No more toxic solvents and noxious fumes. Life is good, and oil painting is great!

If you have ever found yourself attracted to the idea of learning to paint with oils this is a perfect opportunity. The price is right, the instructor is top notch and the curriculum is serious but completely approachable for beginners. I hope you'll join us!

Introduction to Painting

Oil, Acrylic and Watercolor
• For ages 13 to Adults
• Saturday, 12 PM
• 24 hours of instruction and studio time
• Prior drawing skills required

We have had many requests for a general painting instruction class over the years. Since we’ve recently expanded our studio space—resulting in more blocks of teaching time—we can finally fit it in!

Introduction to Painting is a beginner to intermediate level painting class. This is NOT to say it’s appropriate for beginner artists however. Students with an intermediate level drawing ability are ideal candidates for this class because we will not be able to provide drawing instruction. Since many artists prefer to have a simple drawing in place when starting a painting, students must have basic drawing skills in place already.

Students will learn about watercolor, acrylic and oil paint and materials, and variety of techniques.

Because each medium is distinctly different in the way it is used, technique is extremely important, and that’s what we’ll be teaching.

If you’ve always wanted to try painting this is the perfect class to learn the foundation skills of these various mediums — or to take what you already know to a higher level.

Call 978-266-1600 for more information, or register online today!

Julie McAskill Ripley, the instructor for this class, is a John Peto National Trompe L’oeil competition award winner.

Mixed Media & Painting

Fun with mediums and techniques
• For ages 12 and up
• Prior drawing skills required
• Thursday, 6 PM

Mixed Media & Painting is a unique class that offers an exploratory experience regarding both materials and techniques. Projects are intended to provide opportunities for students to use a variety of materials and learn or experiment with ways of using them. At the same time students are encouraged to follow their own creative interests regarding subject matter, composition and interpretation.

• Oil and Acrylic paints and techniques
• Printmaking materials and techniques
• Mixed Media

Projects will be assigned with specific learning objectives, and students will typically be able to choose their own subject matter. References and resources will always be available if needed. Projects will frequently require multiple weeks to complete. This is NOT a drawing class and there will be no planned drawing instruction as it is expected that students can already draw well enough to participate.

If you have a student who loves art and has the interest and ability to expand their own creative boundaries they will love Mixed Media.

Drawing for Adult Beginners

An introduction level for adults
• Wednesday 9:30 AM
• 6 classes - all materials provided
• No critiques, criticism, or comparisons

Have you ever wished you could draw but didn't know where to begin? Perhaps you even feel intimidated by the idea of taking a drawing class because you don't believe you have "talent" or don't already know how to draw. Drawing is a skill that can be taught and learned and it's never too late to learn. ActonArt's Drawing for Adult Beginners course will introduce you to the concepts and visual perceptions that are the basic foundation of realistic / representational drawing in a relaxing, no-critique environment. Guided projects and exercises will cover the use of line (edges), tone (light and shadow), spaces (negative and positive), and relationships (perspective, proportion, etc.) A variety of mediums may be used, including graphite, charcoal, marker, soft pastel or colored pencil. Absolutely no experience is necessary or expected. All high quality materials are included in the course fee.

Drawing & Painting for Adults

An Intermediate level for adults
• Weds 9:30 AM
• Drawing & Painting for Adults
not currently scheduled.
• 12 classes (with Bi-weekly, 6-class option)
• A follow-up level to Drawing for Adult Beginners, or for semi-experienced adults

THIS CLASS PRESENTS core skill drawing projects which can then used as starting points for painting. We will work on subjects that suit the tastes of the participants. The interim drawings will be used as the starting point for paintings in either watercolor, acrylic or oil paint* as well as pastel and other mediums. Basic to intermediate techniques will be taught for both drawing and painting. The class will choose to sample a variety of subjects and painting methods or focus on one or two completed pieces which allow for more more fully developed, hands-on learning experiences.

Students can choose a six or twelve class schedule.

• 6- CLASS SCHEDULE presents only the instructed projects so students can work on painting outside of class time.
• 12-CLASS SCHEDULE provides all the instructed projects plus 6 days of studio time and materials to work with instructor assistance on projects. All materials are provided for IN-STUDIO use. We cannot provide materials for take-home work outside of class.

*Oil painting is an option that requires an additional materials charge of $20.

Cartooning & Chibi Drawing

• For ages 8 and up
• Friday 4:30 PM
• All materials provided (including Copic markers!)

CARTOONING & CHIBI DRAWING is a combination class of both western style cartooning and eastern style Chibi manga—what we recognize as Pokemon-type characters that are cute, grotesque, or even bizarre representations of people, animals, and even supernatural creatures. This kind of drawing is favored by kids in the 6 to 12 year old range, but a majority of Chibi fans are 8 to 10 years old. Our Monday Cartooning/Chibi class will focus on synthesizing both types of characters and developing core drawing skills that apply to all kinds of drawing, both cartoon abstract and realistic-representational. (Cartooning class is held only when there is adequate demand).

Creating Comics

• For ages 12 and up
• Winter Trimester ONLY!
• All materials provided (including Copic markers!)

Is your brain buzzing with characters and ideas? Do you have a story you're just dying to create? Then this is the class for you! Learn how to tell an understandable story, pace your panels and capture your readers! The Creating Comics class will cover basic storytelling structure as well as character development and implementation. Students will create several short comic strips, single page comics and an 8-page zine they can swap, share and recreate!

Please note: this class is going to focus on far more than simply drawing characters! This is a full fledged comic creation class. Drawing characters while always important will be only a part of each weekly class. Younger students in particular may be more interested in character drawing than this class is designed for. Please check out Cartooning and Chibi for younger kids who just want to draw cartoon characters.

Manga Drawing 1

Manga Drawing 1
• For ages 10 and Up
1 Hour class
• See
schedule for class days

MANGA DRAWING 1—This class teaches the popular drawing style known as Manga or Anime. Artwork like this can be seen in many forms, from the comic books “Manga” to the television shows “Anime” and many other products like toys and games. Though this artwork has a very broad appeal, and is cartooned it is also quite challenging to master. Throughout this class students will learn the fundamentals of how to draw Anime and Manga. We will go through how to draw everything from eyes, faces and hands, to full action poses and cute chibi characters. Students are encouraged to draw their own characters throughout the class, and will be shown how to make exciting images with them in it. Although this is class is designed as a base level it is recommended that most students start here, as there is a lot of valuable information in the class.

All Manga classes will use Copic markers and various high quality papers (bristol board, marker paper, etc.) which are included in the tuition.

Manga 1X & Manga 2 Drawing

1.5 HOUR
Manga Drawing 1X (Experienced)
• For ages 11 and Up
1.5 Hour class
• See
schedule for class days

Acting as an in between from Manga-1 and Manga-2 this class offers students more time and more in depth instructions on fundamental Manga skills. Since students in this class are expected to have taken the Manga-1 class previously, this class expands upon that information. Projects in this class are the same as the previous class, but new information and more complex ideas are introduced. In addition to more complex ideas students have more time to work, giving them valuable experience with difficult skills like inking and coloring. This is the perfect class for anyone who needs more time and more challenge than the standard Manga class.
Manga Drawing 2
• For ages 12 and Up
• 1.5 Hour class (requires Manga 1 previously or submission of portfolio artwork for review prior to admission)

As a high level Manga class Manga-2 is designed to flex your drawing muscles. Students in this class are expected to have a good understanding of all the basic skills of Manga, and be relatively proficient with the techniques. With those skills as a backing projects in this class are more independently focused, allowing students to work on their own problem areas. There is a push in this class to define a personal style, as well as hone and polish the skills that students already have. After taking the Manga-2 class students should be very well equipped to draw just about any picture they can imagine, in an art style they can call their own.

Manga Advanced

1.5 HOUR
Manga Advanced
• For ages 12 and Up
• 1.5 Hour class (requires Manga 2 previously or submission of portfolio artwork for review prior to admission)

MANGA ADVANCED is a high level class where students are expected to be able to function independently. Projects will be assigned as challenges where students are asked to work outside their comfort zones and take on aspects of drawing that they find most difficult. Teachers and students will have an opportunity to work one to one when needed but will also benefit from the group environment and shared experiences. We have found the advanced Manga students to be among the most focused, and hard working students to enter the studio.