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Summer Workshops



The Art School workshops present a variety of projects that use different materials and techniques to create 2D and 3D artwork. There is a bit of a craft flavor to many of the projects but the underlying theme is drawing which is a part of nearly every project. We haven't finalized the projects for this summer but here are some examples of past projects that have been popular and repeated because of their appeal.

Self portrait tracings—We take photos of each student, print them, and they use them to trace their own images onto paper, acetate or metal foil. Students can create backgrounds of anything they please behind their self-portrait, paint them as animation cells (see the samples on this page...the girl in blue on a blue star field) or make them into foil impressions (see the egyptian kings/queens self portraits on the same page).

3D creatures—begins as a drawing of some animal, bird, insect, etc. which is finished in detail with markers, colored pencils, pastels, etc., cut out as an outline, and combined with a separate background usually done in watercolor washes. A modified version of this is the Butterfly which is combined with wireforms to give the body a three-dimensional quality.

Watercolor posters—usually done as a cartoon character like Tweety-bird/Bugs Bunny or something the class agrees upon. These are drawn large on 11x15 watercolor paper and then inked and painted with W/C paint.

Shrinky-Dink jewelry—(see the Cat Necklaces on same web page) These could be bracelets, necklaces or rings. Students agree upon a subject and draw something (animal, object, pattern, etc.) in fairly small scale. Color is applied in marker or colored pencil and the drawing is cut out of the shrink medium. We heat them in an oven and fit them into the final jewelry piece.

And more...we present straight forward drawings, paintings (acrylic or watercolor) polymer clay projects, paper pop-ups, scratchboards, block-cut prints, plaster creatures, etc.

This summer Christina Fossa (who leads the Art School workshops) has given me a list of possible projects such as: Byzantine Medallions (made from Sculpy polymer clay and hand painted), Mini-Monets, Abstract pressed paper landscapes, Decorative paper fans, Block printing on T-shirts (supplied by students), Glue line pastel paintings, The secret life of your pet, etc.

Each of the 4-days is planned around one or two core projects that may take one to three days to complete. Additional shorter projects are planned to fill in around those major time slots. And we always have a few fun side projects waiting for students who work fast and finish ahead of everyone else to keep them engaged. If everything works out as planned students will have something to bring home each day.

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In this workshop students will have the opportunity to learn sculpting techniques and materials. Kids who are attracted to clay work and pottery love the control and lighter touch required to sculpt. Plus the three-dimensional thinking is a challenge that allows students to see the world in a whole new way. Projects in this workshop will include relief sculpture, construction of a vessel (for example, a cat or rabbit shaped jar), and making 3D sculpted pieces on armatures. Materials to be used may include: air dry clay, plaster, polymer clay (Sculpey), and aluminum wire. This is a great starting point for the aspiring sculptors. Hope to see you there!

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