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Tuition Calculator — Fall 2017

Registration fees are required for ALL students once per academic year.

Our academic “year” begins in September, and ends with the completion of our summer session.

• If your student is registering for
any class in September, you need to include the fee.

• If your student is joining a winter or spring class for the
first time during the class year,
you need to include the fee.

• If your student has
attended a class previously during the SAME class year,
you do NOT need to include the fee.

• If you have re-registered your student and they are
continuing from one trimester
to the next during the SAME class year
, you do NOT need to include the fee.


For Single or Multiple Students

Use this calculator when registering ONE TO FOUR students. The calculator defaults to 12 classes (a full trimester) but you can also output pro-rated tuition amounts down to eight weeks, at which time classes close for the remainder of the trimester. Multiple student DISCOUNTS are only available on full 12-class trimesters.
$25 ($15 after 3/15/2018) UN-check if already paid.
( ( ( ( [input-classes1] + [input-classes2] + [input-classes3] + [input-classes4] ) / 12 ) * [input-classnumber2] ) + [input-regfee2] )
$.00 (does not include discounts, see below)
( ( ( ( [input-classes1] + [input-classes2] + [input-classes3] + [input-classes4] ) / 12 ) * [input-classnumber2] ) + [input-regfee2] )
Select for discount — available ONLY on full 12 class trimesters
( ( ( [input-classes1] + [input-classes2] + [input-classes3] + [input-classes4] ) * [input-discount] ) + [input-regfee2] )

Apply Discounts

If you are registering multiple students or for multiple classes in a FULL 12 class trimester, you receive a discount on EACH class.

Click the checkbox above to see the TOTAL tuition due for multiple students/classes with discounts applied and registration fee included (Registration fee can be toggled on or off as appropriate, via the checkbox above)

PLEASE NOTE: Discounts are NOT AVAILABLE ON REGISTRATIONS WITH PRORATED CLASSES. Only full 12 class trimesters are eligible to receive multiple student/class discounts.