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Fall trimester dates: Wednesday, September 7th - Saturday, December 3rd
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Caroline N, age 16

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Mikaela W, 17

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Check out our Student Art Show, now ONLINE! Despite the challenges of multiple years of pandemic this hardy group of young artists have put forth their creative works for all to see. Each artwork submitted by students was chosen by them, as accomplishments they are proud of. Congratulations to all of them!

Continuing this Fall!

Dungeons Dragons & Drawing!

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ROLEPLAYING GAMES have long been an imaginative outlet for the mind and for the artistic spirit! This class delves into both sides of this creative activity by allowing students to both play the game of Dungeons & Dragons guided by storyteller Chris, then drawing their characters and play-experiences with art guildmaster Jackie! Employing problem solving, collaboration and clever wits, students generate ideas that they then bring into the arts side of the class to draw their characters, equipment, monsters and more. Each session divides the group into game-time and drawing time, so they will get to experience both aspects each week. Class involves use of the online resource D&D Beyond (free to use); and it is recommended but not required that they have a device to access D&D Beyond during class (phone, tablet, etc). Previous drawing experience is encouraged but not required. Materials used include pencils, markers and colored pencils.

Learn to Paint!

Painting classes at ActonArt are a killer-deal! We offer a complete package. Professional instruction from our award winning instructor Julie Ripley, plus all-included, high-quality supplies provide the best experience and the best value anywhere. Check out our painting classes today!

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We’re upgraded our HVAC system by adding UV light sterilization and HEPA air filtration to keep our air fresh and virus free!
Check out these painting classes too!

• Intro to Painting for Kids
• Acrylic Painting for Adults
• Watercolor Painting
• Watercolor Painting for Adults
• Intro to Oil Painting
• Intro to Portrait Painting
• Mixed Media and Paint
• Advanced Oil Painting

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Mei S, age 14

FALL session dates

BEGINS: Wednesday, September 7th
ENDS: Saturday, December 3rd
No class November 23-27 for Thanksgiving break


While nearly all of our classes will be available in the studio this summer, we understand that many people are not comfortable with the current state of affairs regarding the safety of their children. To address this we are trying to provide both complete safety for those who insist on in-studio classes and complete access for those who prefer the online option. The three options we’ve designated for our classes are as follows:

• IN-STUDIO — Live, in-studio classes limited to eight students with three-foot minimum spacing

• ONLINE — Dedicated online classes that are only available online at that time.

• SIMULTANEOUS — are live, in-studio classes that are simultaneously streamed online via Zoom. Simultaneous students can choose either studio or online. Switching from in-studio to online is possible at any time, but only when space is available for online switching to in-studio.

Some recent artwork made at ActonArt!

We are so happy to see our students making beautiful artwork in the studio again! Welcome Back! Check out our class descriptions and schedules to learn more.
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Justin L, age 14

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Rosie S, age 16

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Joy W, age 16

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Learn to Paint this Fall!