Drawing School


Tuition—SUMMER 2022

Class Name Duration Tuition
Beginners 1hr $170.00
Basic-1 Drawing 1hr $170.00
Basic-2 Drawing 1hr $170.00
Sketchbooking 1hr $185.00
Intermediate-1 Drawing 1hr 30m $195.00
Drawing for Teens 1hr 30m $195.00
Intro Portrait Drawing 1hr 30m $195.00
Colored Pencil Drawing 1hr 30m $195.00
Pen & Ink Drawing 1hr 30m $190.00
Cartooning & Chibi 1hr $175.00
Manga 1 1hr $175.00
Manga 1X 1hr 30m $200.00
Manga 2 2hr $210.00
Dungeons & Dragons & Drawing 2hr 30m $230.00
Dungeons & Dragons & Drawing Advanced 2hr 30m $230.00
Nature Drawing 1hr 30m $190.00
Advanced Studio Art 2hr $225.00
Advanced Portfolio Development 2hr $225.00
Mixed Media IN-STUDIO 2hr $220.00
Watercolor Painting IN-STUDIO 1hr 30m $205.00
Charcoal and Pastel IN-STUDIO 2hr $215.00
Oil Painting IN-STUDIO 2hr $225.00
Intro to Painting for Kids IN-STUDIO 1hr 30m $215.00
**ADULT CLASSES.......** ....... ........
Portrait Drawing for Pets! ONLINE 2 hr $190.00
Adult Intro to Portrait Drawing ONLINE 2hr $190.00
Adult Faces Features & Figures ONLINE 2hr $190.00
Drawing for Adult Beginners IN-STUDIO 2hr $195.00
Intro to Painting for Adults IN-STUDIO 2hr $220.00
**WORKSHOPS........** ........ ........
Manga Crash Course 5 Days –12-2:45 pm $325.00
Anatomy for the Artist 3 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $275.00
Drawing from Observation/Life 3 Days –9:00 Am-12:00 pm $275.00
Cartoon & Chibi Workshop 3 Days –9:00 Am-12:00 pm $275.00
Ink & Scratchboard Drawing 4 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $325.00
Advanced Cartooning 3 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $275.00
Print Making 4 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $355.00
Sculpting Crash Course 4 Days –9:00 Am-12:00 pm $355.00
Drawing For Teens 4 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $325.00
Manga Crash Course 4 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $325.00
Portrait & Figure Painting 4 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $355.00
Myths Monsters & Magic 3 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $275.00
Hand Made Paper Workshop 2 Days –9:00 Am-12:00 pm $175.00
Intro Portrait Drawing 2 Days –9:00 Am-12:00 pm $175.00
Cartoon & Chibi Workshop 4 Days –12:30-3:30 pm $325.00

Discounts, Try-outs, Private instruction

Discounts may be taken for multiple students and by senior citizens and homeschool students.
Detailed instructions are below.

Try-out classes
Anyone wishing to try a class before registering may do so in any class with current openings. Filled classes are not open for try-outs. There is a flat fee of $25 for all try-outs regardless of the length of the class. Also, we typically CANNOT PROVIDE TRY-OUT CLASSES DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF A TRIMESTER. Many of our classes will fill to capacity and we are not able to "hold" spots for people who wish to try a class at that time. To obtain more information or request a Try-Out class please contact Chloe Goodnough at 978-266-1600 or via email at

Private instruction
Private instruction is available on a very limited basis. A tuition quote will be provided by request and will be based upon the kind of instruction, the materials used, and the duration and number of sessions. To obtain more information or request a Private Instruction quote please contact Chloe Goodnough at 978-266-1600 or via email at