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* IN-STUDIO tuition includes all needed art supplies. Students attending in-studio classes do not need to acquire any additional supplies unless they prefer to use different materials than what we provide in the studio.

* ONLINE class students must acquire their own supplies. Our online class tuition has been reduced to compensate for the supply costs normally allocated for each class.
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Water Bottle

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Basic Kit includes 2B Pencil, Pencil Sharpener, White Eraser, Rollerball Pen, Drawing Pad, and Prismacolor Colored Pencil Set.

Foundation drawing kits are available for purchase at ActonArt.

  • Pick up only. No delivery.
  • Optional Supplies available separately.
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Deluxe Kit includes everything in the Basic Kit PLUS a Blick Marker Set, Kneaded Eraser, and Faber-Castell Mini Pastels

Supplies for online classes do not have to be purchased through ActonArt and can be obtained elsewhere.
We have created a linked purchase list for Blick Art Materials, a company we consider to be a reliable and good value merchant. You are also welcome to order supplies from any other source that you prefer. We recommend the products we've listed as very good quality for the price. ActonArt does not receive any commission from Blick or any other suppliers.

Click on your class in the list below to display a drop-down list of needed supplies. You can order online directly from Blick.com for home delivery. Each item is linked to a page on their web site.

Optional supplies are not required to complete any projects during the trimester.
Foundation Classes
  • Beginners
  • Basic 1 & 2
  • Intermediate 1 & 2
  • Drawing for Teens
  • Adult Drawing 1 - 3
The Basic Drawing Kit is available to purchase when you register for our Online Foundation Drawing classes. You can also order these items through Blick.com by clicking on the links below:

*Drawing Paper Pad
2B Graphite Pencil
Rollerball Pen
Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencil Set
Pencil Sharpener
White Plastic Eraser

(Optional Supplies- NOT included in the Basic Drawing Kit)
*Studio Markers - Asst. colors
Half Stick Soft Pastels
Kneaded Eraser
Oil Pastels
Asst. Colored Paper

* = Available in the Deluxe Art Kit
Other Adult and HomeSchool Classes
Adult Beginner Pastel Drawing
HomeSchool Meet the Masters
You can order the following items online by clicking on the links below:

Assorted Color Pastel Paper Pad
2B Graphite Pencil
Pencil Sharpener
White Plastic Eraser
Oil Pastels
Permanent Marker or Sharpie

Manga and More Classes
Cartooning & Chibi
Manga Drawing 1, 1X, & 2
Creating Comics
Dungeons, Dragons & Drawing
Advanced & Specialty Classes
Colored Pencil Drawing
Natural & Botanical Illustration
Ink & Scratchboard Drawing
You can order the following items online by clicking on the links below:

Drawing Paper Pad
Exacto knife

Various drawing materials - Exact materials are not needed so much.
Studio Markers - Asst. colors
2B Graphite Pencil
Rollerball Pen
Prismacolor Scholar Colored Pencil Set
Pencil Sharpener
White Plastic Eraser

Other Supplies
1 sheet of thick paper (card stock is fine) that's the same size as the drawing paper 
Two staples
A thumbtack

Email info@actonart.com with questions about supplies or substitutions.

Art Supplies available for purchase directly at ActonArt

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Bic Intensity Markers
$12.50 each

Blick Marker Set
$17.00 each

Faber-Castell 24 Half Stick Pastels
$12.50 each

Sargent 48 Artists Pastels
$30.00 each

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Hake Brush Set and Cup
$12.50 each

Dynasty Sable Flat or Round Brush
$5.00 per brush

Derwent Academy Watercolor Pencils
$13.50 each

Prismacolor Scholar Pencils
$13.50 each

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Real Images Drawing Pad
$4.00 each

Kneaded Eraser
$0.75 each

White Eraser
$0.75 each

Pencil Sharpener
$0.25 each

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Mars Lumograph Drawing Pencil
$2.00 each

Uni-Ball .7mm Roller Pen
$2.00 each

Ultra Fine Sharpie
$2.00 each

Fine Sharpie
$2.00 each


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