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Zara Lawrence, age 13

Having the best experience


Before joining your first class, please test your audio and video connections at MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS WORKING BEFORE class time.

We strongly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer. While tablets and phones will work they are much more limiting for students to use.

Set up an intentional space where students will join the class. If they can’t see themselves clearly without dark shadows we will not be able to see anything they show us. Make sure your student knows where the camera lens is.

Set up for the best possible internet connection and minimize screen distractions:
• Close all browser tabs and windows that are not being used
• Quit all other applications not being used
• Turn off all notifications from emails and social media

Until students are familiar with Zoom classes an adult or guardian should be nearby to assist if they have any problems. We will have very little ability to assist with any technical issues at your location.

Please get set up and signed in with the process below, so you are ready approximately 3-5 minutes before class time.

Your student will enter class in a Zoom “WAITING ROOM.” The teacher will admit all students to the class at the same time. You can also check your audio and video connections while waiting.


  • Log into the ActonArt Zoom class page with your username and password
  • Logging in will automatically display ONLY your classes
  • Clicking the Zoom link will admit your student to the "waiting room"
  • Any prerecorded videos will also be shown as links
  • Links to any project reference images will also be shown


When students first enter the class, they will come in “Muted” so they can hear and see the teacher, but the teacher will not be able to hear them until he/she “unmutes” them.

In the menu bar at the bottom of your screen, click on “Participants.” This will open a window to the right of the screen that shows all the students in class, with a row of action icons at the bottom.

Please RENAME YOUR STUDENT (if the name shown is incorrect), using first names, so the teacher can take attendance. This can be done in one of two ways:
  1. Click on your student’s video image – a dropdown menu should appear with the Rename option.
  2. Find your student’s name in the list of Participants in the window to the right. Click on More for the Rename option.

"PIN" TEACHER’s VIDEO - Click on the teacher’s video image to show a dropdown menu – select "Pin Video". This will keep the teacher’s image on the screen even if others are talking.

HOW TO RAISE YOUR HAND – At the bottom of the Participants window to the right, the first icon in the row is a BLUE HAND. This may be used during class to "raise hands" and ask questions.

If you have any technical difficulties during your class, click "Leave Meeting" (at bottom right) and then rejoin. This will often fix audio or video problems that may occur on login.