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A. Khomiakova, age 14


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The Dancer

ARTISTS HAVE BEEN CAPTIVATED by the human form since charcoal and ochre drawings began appearing on cave walls thousands of years ago. Whether it’s our reproductive priorities or our fascination with the mechanics of bone and muscle—we love to see bodies portrayed in their splendor.

Sabrina S. made this drawing in the Manga 2 drawing class. It’s a very nice example of line-work and shading being used to highlight this briefest moment of tension, the dancer roughly “on-point,” off balance, with muscles taught and bulging. We can easily imagine her collapse just milliseconds later as she crashes to her heels in a struggle to maintain balance and poise.

I’m no dancer, but I can almost imagine the energy, and tension that Sabrina’s dancer controls in that frozen moment.

Oh, the Irony…

Students in the Mixed Media class were recently tasked with making a painting. A finger painting to be precise. No brushes. Oliver decided to make a “fingers” finger-painting.

See the sunlight falling on his open hand, with paint smudged fingers and dark shadows wrapping the backside of the thumb and wrist?
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