SPRING RE-REGISTRATION — For current students only

This form may be used by students who are continuing in their current class as well as those who wish to request a class change.



Please use MM/DD/YYYY format

STAY IN Same class or request a day or time change?


• Select
"remain in current class" if your student will be continuing in their current schedule -or-
• Select
"request class change" if you need to alter your current schedule.

Please indicate if your student will CONTINUE in their current class, or REQUEST A CLASS CHANGE

If we are unable to make the class change you have requested do you want us to keep your student in their current class or withdraw them? Please check the appropriate box above.



please use parent email

I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND the 2018-19 ActonArt registration and policies statement and acknowledge there are no refunds, credits or guaranteed make-ups for missed classes. POLICY AGREEMENT BOX MUST BE CHECKED!

This permission allows ActonArt to publish student artwork and non-identified images of students